Eco-Metal Roofing Express are an eco-friendly metal roofing store / showroom focused on metal roofing products manufactured by London Eco-Metal Manufacturing Inc. – parent company

Here you can browse a range of metal roof and metal panel products. Our mission is, to provide quality steel and aluminum roofing products for homes and commercial properties seeking a more environmentally-conscious and worry free way forward.

The benefits of metal roofing are well-understood. Metal is extremely light-weight and as a roofing material, lasts longer, has a lower cost-per-annum, is fire resistant, wind resistant, and is treated to stand against oxidation, stains, and moisture.

The color and roof profiles in metal panelling also makes it easy to match the material to an existing architecture aesthetic or exterior theme.

As your local metal roofing company, it’s our goal to help more properties convert to more environmentally-friendly, performance-driven roofing systems such as those offered through metal panels.

Replace your old roof. Install a new, permanent yet affordable roof. Connect with an Eco-Metal Roofing Express representative or make an appointment at our showroom during business hours to see samples.

London Eco-Metal Manufacturing Inc.

Eco-Metal, is an industry leading manufacturer and installer of affordable, quality steel and aluminum roofing for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Since 2009, Eco-Metal produced thousands of residential, commercial, agricultural and do-it-yourself roofs. Also installed manny of them. Company knows that customers take pride in their homes and properties, and adding high quality metal roof will only add to their enjoyment and value.

To learn more about our company visit London Eco-Metal website.


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